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Company profile

Glisente Landrini

History and management
Glisente Landrini is the Managing Director of G.M. International, a company founded in 1993.
Although the activity of the company dates 15 years, the core Management experience remarkably exceeds over 35 years of qualified activity in Intrinsic Safety and Industrial Electronics.
  • In 1970 Glisente Landrini founded Elcon Instruments.
  • In 1974 Glisente Landrini obtained certification from CESI (Milan) for a galvanically separated signal transmitter, therefore being the first manufacturer of such a safety technology in Italy.
  • In 1993 Glisente Landrini started his new business with G.M. International, to provide qualified intrinsically safe isolators to support Intrinsic Safety instrumentation and systems for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Glisente Landrini
    Managing director
Quality management policy

G.M. International mission is to increase its present position in I.S. market with products and services that are suitable and appropriate for the Customer. Our goal is to guarantee the highest standards of Quality for offered products and services. Quality is synonymous with Customer satisfaction: all products must conform with the most severe specifications.


G.M. International is ISO 9001:2008 standard qualified.
Check our Certificates page for details and downloads.


Product quality

G.M. International products satisfy Customers expectations and meet the specifications of International standards. Safety, performance, reliability and product documentation are the basic principles of product Quality.

Service quality

Quality in Service is very important to achieve market penetration. Therefore G.M. International considers service as an integral part of Customer's requirements, giving support and consulting throughout every production phase.


Continuous improvement

G.M. International continuously insures that the performance of products, services, management and Quality System meets, or exceeds, Customer requirements. G.M. International Management recognizes that human resources of the company play an important role in the achievement of its objectives.


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